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About us

We are a  young and happy couple connected by the same passion: Yoga, Martial Arts and Acrobatics!

Yes, we do enjoy going for a run or to the gym, but what we really like is training Yoga, Martial Arts and Acrobatics and  bringing up strength, flexibility and balance together. We believe that the benefits of such practices  can be translated into our every day lives. We believe that healthy eating and an active lifestyle are the keys for a happy life!

We teach Yoga, AcroYoga, Martial Arts and Tai-Chi classes in Cambridge. Email us at info@yogikick.com  for more information or if you want a private class.

Dr Susana Tomasio

Yoga teacher (RYT 200)

IMG_1754About Susana 

I have always been an active person and always enjoyed exercise and eating healthy. Naively, I was one of those people that used to think that Yoga was for older and less active people. One day, in January 2010 I looked at the timetable of the sports centre I used to go to and saw this “Ashtanga Yoga” class for advanced.. Moved by curiosity I decided to give it a try and I loved it. It was not what  I thought it was. The class was exciting, challenging and relaxing at the same time. I didn’t know that was possible. I was also very surprised that the yoga teacher was so fit! So I started attending the Ashtanga yoga classes. I must say that at first I joined the classes only because of the physical practice but gradually I was moved by the spiritual side that the practice gives. I started feeling calmer, happier and less stressed. And this was the beginning of my yoga journey!  My first yoga teacher was Fay Lochore and I was inspired and motivated by her. Since then I have been training with Howard Daly, Mark Stevens, Emma Lindsay, Nova Milesko, Sonia Ferreira and  Kino MacGregor (just to name a few).

In 2013, I decided to further my knowledge of yoga by doing a teaching training course. I am proud that I did this course with my very first instructor Fay and Garry Sherwin. I learned most of my strength postures from Garry Sherwin’s practice. I am currently doing the L4 Yoga Teaching Diploma at CamYoga. In addition I am a trainee at the DeRose Method school in  London.

In the last two years I started practicing Acroyoga and Acrobatics. Ever since I was a child I love doing arm balances and I basically love all the inversions and challenging postures.

In my spare time I also practice Martial Arts (currently a green belt) which I was introduced to through Master Ricardo Tomasio. Martial Arts is great to boost the self-confidence,  and to learn how to manage the feelings of  fear, anger and frustration.

Certifications and courses attended in 2016/2017: 

  • Currently doing the L4 Yoga Teaching Diploma at Camyoga
  • Weekend Intensive with Jock Orton – Alignment in Ashtanga Yoga – Cambridge
  • Scott Johnson Workshop: Ashtanga Yoga Intensive – Cambridge
  • CPD: Adjust to Adjustments – Balance Yoga Earth Studios, Nova Milesko
  • CPD: Teaching Advanced Asana – Whitespace Studio, Dawn Wright
  • Kino MacGregor Workshop – Triyoga
  • Ambra Vallo Workshop: Fear Free Inversions – The Power Yoga Company
  • Trainee at the DeRose Method school – London – derosekensington.co.uk
  • Green belt in Pakua Martial Arts




Full (print)


Ricardo Tomasio

2nd degree Pa-Kua Martial Arts Master  

Tai-Chi Cosmodynamics instructor (grey belt)

Edge Weapons instructor (grey belt)

1st degree Wushu Kung Fu Master

Fitness Instructor – Premier Global International

Personal Trainer (L3) – Premier Global International

ricardo_martialaratsAbout Ricardo

I tried Martial Art when I was 16 through a school friend which was the son of the Martial Arts Master. I loved the class straight away and felt so connected with the practice that I started  having classes every day and after a while I decided to do an intensive course to become a Martial Arts instructor (grey belt). My journey to black belt was a long and difficult one, but it was worth it!

I have been doing Martial Art for over 10 years. I am now a 2nd degree black belt in Pa-Kua Martial Art and grey belt (instructor) in Edge Weapons and Tai-Chi and a black belt in Wushu Kung Fu.

I continue furthering my knowledge in Martial Arts and Tai-Chi by regularly attending courses and workshops, and I am currently training to receive the 3rd degree in Martial Arts.

I was introduced to Ashtanga yoga and Acroyoga through Susana Tomasio.


For more information contact us at info@yogikick.com or call us on 07881474162.

We are based in Cambridge, UK.


6 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi

    I live in Cambridge and I am interested in joining a new yoga class. Im a complete beginner and have only just recovered from a bank injury. Im not a very active person but I’m working on changing that.
    When do you think you will open classes in Cambridge? How much will it cost?

    Kind regards

    Swapna uddin


  2. this is a nice effort – I am far away, but reading your passion, it is really nice.
    Keep it up.


  3. Susana and Ricardo are very professional and friendly at the same time. I’ve enjoyed participating at their classes at the YMCA gim!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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